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You Want to Feel Better - stop questioning your life! Now

its time to set your mind free


Everyone has times when they don’t feel their best. Whether you are struggling with a low mood, anxiety, stress, or just a lack of motivation, it’s tough to feel good when you’re not quite at 100%.

When you are feeling down or stressed, it can be helpful to look for things you can do to make yourself feel better quickly. While there are things that are simply outside of your control, there are lots of actionable steps you can take to seize control and feel better right now.

Take a Break

Sometimes just walking away from something for a few minutes can help when you’re feeling stressed, overworked, burned out, or exhausted. Step away from what you are working on and give yourself some time to think about something else.

Researchers have found that even taking short breaks can help improve your ability to pay attention.

One study compared people who took a short, five-minute break to those who did not get a break. Those who took a break engaged in a variety of activities including listening to music and sitting quietly. The results showed that those who had taken a break performed better on tasks that required sustained attention.1

Go for a Walk

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that adults over the age of 18 get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. Getting out and moving for a little more than 20 minutes a day is not only good for your physical health and longevity, it's also a great way to feel better in the here and now.

Physical activity is linked to reductions in depression and improved mood, so a quick walk around the neighborhood can be a good way to start feeling better right away.2

In addition to reaping the benefits of exercise, being outside in nature can also provide mental health benefits as well. One study found that participants who spent time walking in a natural environment reported lower levels of rumination.3 So if you want to clear your head and feel better, head for the nearest green space such as a park or nature trail.

Crank Up the Music

Listening to music can be an enjoyable experience, but there is also evidence that music has psychological benefits including having an influence on your moods. One 2013 study found that listening to upbeat songs could improve happiness and boost mood relatively quickly.4

The next time you're feeling down, break out your favorite playlist of catchy, upbeat, motivational music for a quick mood boost.

Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Helping others, often referred to as prosocial behaviors, can also be a great way to feel better right now. Whether it's helping out a neighbor, assisting a friend, or volunteering for a local organization, doing good for others can leave you with positive emotions that researchers have dubbed a "warm glow."

If you are looking for a way to generate some good feelings, think about things that you can do to help you friends, family, neighbors, or community. A few ideas you might want to explore include:

Fixing a meal for a friend in need

Shoveling a sidewalk for an elderly neighbor

Participating in a neighborhood cleanup

Making a donation to an online fundraiser

Research even suggests that prosocial behaviors and generosity are linked to a number of mental health benefits including increased happiness5 and decreased mortality.6

Talk to a Friend

When you are feeling stuck in a negative mindset, sometimes just spending a few minutes chatting or texting with a good friend is enough to put you in a better state of mind. Social support is a key factor in emotional well-being. Research has found that lack of social support is linked to a number of negative outcomes including increased loneliness and decreased resilience to stress.7

The good news, however, is that social support is more about quality rather than quantity. As long as you feel like you have people you are close to and who will stand by you, then you can reap the rewa

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