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Survival (Marine Campaign) - AvP2 Custom Map (Complete Playthrough)

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map titled "Survival" marine campaign.

Map author: Claudiusz "ARCHITECT" Dudek.

Map review:

Survival is actually one big mod consisting of three singleplayer campaigns for the alien, marine and predator. In this video I play the marine campaign which has five maps. The campaign can be completed in about under an hour for a first time play. The marine campaign is pretty much fantastic. The player will go from investigating a facility, to a convoy mission (similar to the map a friendly welcome), to an apc escort mission, to ultimately a hive rescue mission. Each of these maps are done very well even though Survival was released as a final beta.

The facility has the usual investigating rooms scenario, with enemy aliens popping out of no where to attack you. Interestingly enough, the player is given choices right from the start as to what route they want to take on the map. Thus, there are two objective paths. The player must also replenish health, armor and ammo from friendly npcs by selecting on them. Thus, the player is encouraged to stick close to allies. On the convoy truck mission, the player must protect the vehicles. Otherwise, the player must repair them via the torch to continue the drive. Furthermore, the player must clear the path of broken down trucks and escort allies to rescue. This trucks on this map are far less dangerous to ride on as in a friendly welcome, but the player character still gets shifted off on turns so be careful.


The apc escort mission is one of the more unique additions to campaign that hasn't really been done before or since. It's awesome. Probably my favorite moment of the whole campaign is trying to escape the hive with two queens chasing the player down. It's one of the most tense moments in AvP2 ever. This moment alone makes the campaign a must play. Yes, Survival is a beta that has some bugs (first hacking panel is wonky, your player model changes in each map, maybe a bit of lag after the apc explodes, etc) but it's still great. Survival marine campaign is highly recommended.

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