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I'm not sure about profitability of Bittubers for pro content creators. Early days, but already seeing less tubes for same airtime, so the late days will bring more people to share same amount of airtime tubes. As hobby ok, full time nope.

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By MasterShake

Yes this why I am thinking of just buying a bunch ot Tubes. and waiting year for them to go up and make lots of money. And just post here for fun for now.

By TheAudiopedia

The thing that worries me the most is that it went to dust awards too early in the game. I was expecting much more tubes at this time and then to pick the green when tube rises in value. But that's not the option with 1.5 tubes per day.

By TheAudiopedia

btw, someone was donating me on lbry last few days more than I earned here in last 3 weeks. But I don't care about that. I know it won't be regular so that's not the safe business.

By TheAudiopedia

Btw, I don't like and don't believe in donations. You can't plan a life/business with donations. YOu wouldn't take a job where the wage would be voluntary donations from customers.

By TheAudiopedia

@decommodifier that is the idea, but how good it will replace it. Look, last week-two, I was making 1.5-2 tubes a day. Even if tube goes to 3 $ (giant if), it's 5$/day. Hardly making a living. More people/less tubes, so about the same late

By decommodifier

I'm not so sure but maybe for professional creators Airtime would replace ad revenue and Tube donations would do the work of crowdsourced funding (Patreon?).

By TheAudiopedia

@mrrick I am not. That is definitely a possibility. But it would need to go up pretty wildly to cover it up. Just don't see it being enough for professional creators. As a hobby it's ok, but not sure about more than that. We'll see.

By mrrick

what your not taking into account is that as the ecosystem grows, the value of each tube will go up