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Freedom Speech (ENG) from rally in Copenhagen

Son of Mads Palsvig speak at the World Freedom Alliance and JFK21 rally in Copenhagen November 21st 

#Lockdown #Protest

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAWY9zrYk6I

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By LeniRiefenstahl

he says over my dead body ! Oh I wish you commie prick! HEIL HITLER! SIEG HEIL! And FK U ANTIFA!

By LeniRiefenstahl

@Jack its idiots like him that keep us in our prison state... and there were no death camps in Germany and the fkwit is sticking for the Russian. No Russian fought for our freedom! They fkn killed us! Fken retard of a Dane! And the stupid retarded crowd clap! And they put the commie fist in the air! Still retarded after 75 years! My generation is truly FUCKED!

By LeniRiefenstahl

@Jack Is fascism communism now is it? And dickhead who is speaking is talking commie speak .... He thinks this is all fascism? He's confused.

By LeniRiefenstahl

@Jack tell me for goodness sake! Whats WRONG with this video? Do you need a lesson in basic politics?