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@Shane Killian

Corbyn and Johnson on the NHS (and why they're both horrible)

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson recently participated in a debate on ITV and were asked a question by a physician about the NHS. Lord Killian points out how the physician's real concerns were ignored, and both politicians instead just gave platitudes and promises to throw more money at it.

Johnson v Corbyn: The ITV Debate | ITV News https://youtu.be/9kEB5pqWpJw?t=33m46s

How To Argue For Universal Health Care https://bittubers.com/post/afe97b33-da54-4dbf-b694-176d23de57e6

Bogosity Podcast for 30 May 2011 https://podcast.bogosity.tv/bogosity-podcast-for-30-may-2011/

Bogosity Podcast for 22 August 2011 https://podcast.bogosity.tv/bogosity-podcast-for-22-august-2011/


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By My2Cents

I love how Bernie Bros still point to the NHS as an example of how perfect Medicare for all would be. You'd think one of the lowest cancer survival rates in the world would be enough to make people think twice.

By T3CHN01200

They are both thieves...