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(2th May, 2021) Chinese Virus के अंत का 'वर्ल्ड प्लान', Airlift Oxygen Generators from Germany 卐

(2th May, 2021)

Chinese Virus के अंत का 'वर्ल्ड प्लान', China के खिलाफ पहला इंटरनेशनल विद्रोह, Oxygen Shortage in India, Airlift Oxygen Generators from Germany 卐


During the chinese virus,

For those who said U.S (Jew Ass)/Russia are india friend, Now you can see the real face on our enemy, Just a bunch of Hypocrites, U.S (Jew Ass), These alLIES are always part of china and russia/israel, Never forget the alLIES are including communist and their race, What you see that they even fight against their own alLIES, Is always all about greedy to their own people, That's the alLIES/communist .

Both U.S (Jew Ass), )Russia/israel, 

They just using their communist CIA/KGB/Mossad spy to instigate their maoist communist farmers and trying to destroy India,

Now the maoist communist farmers/Leftist tasted their own pal communist/chinese virus, 

Or i can just say, Is this their bad Karma? I told you .

But don't worry, 

The communist/chinese virus won't stay long in India 

once the people of India see the real face of their enemies .

Just keep chanting Father Lord Buddhas mantras, And stay discipline .

Anyway, Now you can see, 

Always our Axis Power Germany/Japan the first to help India, 

Send mobile oxygen generation plants to India etc etc 卐

Who is the real friends of India? Ask yourself !

Since our Führer Adolf hitler, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose until now,

And never forget India won't independence until now without Germany 卐





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