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#Surrender #KnowThyself #GodisPerfect

HUMAN X | S9 - E9


with Gyan

Nowadays we seek to understand spirituality by juggling CONCEPTS in our mind, but what can we really KNOW? What is your QUEST - deep down? Are you seeking for knowledge, for spirituality, for power?

The only thing you can fully know is YOURSELF.

The Creation is so grand, there are so many powers operating in this realm that is so big it’s beyond you. How could you possibly know what’s real and what’s not real? How could you possibly figure it all out? To think that you could is INSANE!

The GATEWAY TO SPIRITUALITY and SELF-KNOWLEDGE is YOU. Your job is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE and to KNOW WHAT YOU WANT at the depth of you. From there God aligns the rest. 

This is the only capacity we have, to KNOW WHO WE ARE. 

When we accept who we are, then we are animated by the intent that matches with this. Is it the ULTIMATE INTENT? Does this even matter? What matters is that it animates us — and it’s our job to serve that intent.

It all comes to this: THERE’S NO PROBLEM WITH YOU. You don’t need to be something you’re not, but please: BE WHAT YOU ARE! The process of going towards what you are is the journey, the unfolding, along which you must surrender your attachments and misconceptions. 

And if you are one the lucky ones to whom Life has opened this journey towards SELF: it is now your job to SERVE with what you have received.

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Video Stock footage from Videvo → https://videvo.net

Thumbnail → Artwork by @kyesone on Instagram

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