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(November 14th, 2020)

(Now you know why the freemasonry antifa communist reptile russian(slavic) Jew Joseph Stalin said:“ It's doesn't matter who votes, Only matters who counts the votes”?)

I've said: You know, I'm hate to talk things about the U.S, And I'm not the american, But even i cannot tolerate by these nonsence bullshit !!!!!!!!

Indeed, The German Trump has won the election once again, And won in legally !!!!!

You all know that, I'm not the american, But, The German Trump are in the White house,

Plus, The European are my family:


That's why i cannot just sit and watch these nonsence bullshit !!!!!!!!!! I must take action in many ways to help the German Trump !!!!!! That's not gonna happend !!! And there is no way the German Trump lose, Never !!!

Tons after tons of these reptile jews/chinese/russian(slavic) fake news media to announce the jew biden won with their lies on media, (They) are making tons of illusion in (their) fake news, Even though the election are still active !!!!!!!!!!!!

So, How could these illegal cheating and not punished by laws in your country? Plus the mainstream media cover up by lies and too earlier, announce the Jew Biden presidency on all their fake news media?

How and why?

The answer is simple, (They) are a bunch of freemason reptile jews/chinese/russian(slavic)/black nigger/muslim/antifa-communist/leftist/Bankers who manipulated your country's system !!!!!!

So, Now you know why these pizza gate pedophile not punished by laws in your country even the evidence and (their) scandal all around? Because this is (their)(traditional ritual) .

I told you before aren't?


But i'm here to tell you not to follow (their) rules and win them,

(They) knew they cannot win, So, the only last thing that (they) can do is illegal cheating, And make lies and illusion on all over (their) media, And the most ridiculous lies ever, So, Never trust a word of (them) .

We all know German Trump has won once again, We all know it !!!

My teachers once teach me: You fight as a true warrior, And even you end, You end with Glory with you !

So, If the antifa communist lose like a warrior, They will still have some glory, Their enemy still have some respect for it,

(Even though we knew the antifa communist have no warrior class and without glory by using cheating and with huge numbers, Same they have in world war 2, They have the freemasonry reptile jews banker back them up since the beginning, But the Axis Power start from 0)

But we all knew that antifa communist will never take the man to man fight, And they are always use the dirty way ! That's why (they) are antifa communist !!!!

As we SS said, War is not over, Life after life, Until we crushed you !!!!!!

So, I'm here to urge all the far right U.S citizen now,

Stop crying and go win the war now !!!!!!! The war is not done yet, Until the golden age has come !!!!!!

The war is not done yet, Never let (their) illusion and lies to beat you down, Never give up, Ever !!!!!!

So, If Biden take over the White house, That's mean the reptile chinese/jews/russian(slavic)/black nigger antifa communist are take over white house, So we will cut down everything from the U.S and prepare the war !!!!!!!!!!

Today i'm here to telling the truth, The German Trump did won,

It's all going well and leading,

But Suddenly, the freemasonry leftist reptile jew biden's team cheating with mail in ballots (Vote on mail) who came from china, Plus (they) are steal the vote with dirty tricks, 30 Million and more fake votes that not even in the country !!!

And more than 6000 mail without the U.S citizen identity who automatically vote for the Jew Biden by (their) cheating system !!!!!!!

Plus the freemason's twitter censorning German Trump words .

NEVER trust the U.S if the dragons/reptilians jew biden and his antifa-communist take over the White house, (THEY) ARE OUR ENEMY !

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