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Water Fasting Day 11 Β¦ This Is what Happens After Skin Rash

I had a wonderful time doing this video outside in nature with all the symphonic melodies of the birds, the buzz of the bees and the high vibration of nature. It was a bit cold but guess what? Sun at last! The sun comes out so rarely these days in Germany that it's so special when it does. Day 11 of my water fasting journey was really beautiful. I am just giving thanks and expressing gratitude for all as I eagerly await the adventure on day 12. Enjoy watching πŸ™πŸ½β™₯️😘

Today is day 11 of my water fasting journey. It was an amazing day. The sun came out in all her glorious beauty after almost two weeks of very little sunshine so I went outside to do this wonderful video. Our skin suffers a lot during a water fasting because it’s a really heavy detox. However, there is no need to panic. You will be rewarded with a very beautiful skin after the detox process is over. You will definitely get your gain after the pain. Water fasting has a lot of health benefits such as detox, weight loss, improved digestion, self-healing etc. Not tos mention the mental strength, the discipline and spiritual growth that one also gets from this fasting experience. It is definitely not a child's play. However, nothing good comes easily. As they say: "No pain, no gain.".

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