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Day 24 Press Up Challenge The Benefits of Fasting

The Benefits of Fasting

The Benefits Of Fasting

Fasting is not starvation. It is the voluntary avoidance of food. Food is available, but you choose not to eat. 

Fasting allows the body to use its stored energy by burning off excess body fat.

Body fat is food energy that has been stored away. If you don't eat, the body will consume its own fat for energy.

When we eat, there is usually more energy generated than can be immediately consumed. The excess is stored away as fat for later use. Insulin is a hormone that is involved in the storage of food energy.

When we eat, insulin rises to help to store the excess energy as glucose in the liver as well as produce fat in the liver.

When we do not eat, insulin levels fall to signal the body to start burning stored fat because there is no more coming through food.

Some possible benefits of fasting include:

weight and fat loss

improved metabolic health

increased growth hormones

increased energy

improved mental clarity and concentration

Eat Real Food

Eat Less Frequently

Get & Stay Healthy


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