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@Dark Knight Gamer Mods

My Argument Against Lovers Lab - [A Video About Transporting Mods to Non Nexus Websites]

I just want everyone to know I appreciate the members who have been kind to me on the Lovers Lab website. If it wasn't for some of these good people, I wouldn't be where I am with my video material today. However, in regards to an incident that happened with some of the members due to a post I made months ago, I felt the members involved in that incident were unfair and treated me unfairly. Before anyone makes false judgements, hear me out first in this entire video.

I had to bring this up again because I didn't think I was being treated fairly by some of the Lovers Lab members when I talked about this in a post which is no longer up. In fact the way I was treated was unfair to be honest. This past video at the link below will explain what happened.


I want everyone to hear the entire video and hear me out before you make false judgements. But this video is mainly about transporting mods to websites like Gamer-Mods.RU, ModGames.Net, TESGame.RU, and the 3DM Game website, but still crediting the original authors from the Nexus website. But overall this is my argument against these members based on what constitutes as stealing mods vs. transporting/porting mods, but still drawing to the original mod creators/authors by giving them credit.

Note: The only thing I want to make clear about this video is I am not directing this video at all Lovers Lab members. In fact I ran into some good members while I used to be active on the site. But this is directed at those who attacked me in false pretenses during the time I made that post.

3DM Game Mod Sources

Crossbow for Fallout 4


MW Striker 45 for Fallout 4


Kbar 32 for Fallout 4


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