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ARE YOU NEW TO CRYPTO ? -please watch this

I've noticed that many people on the BitTube platform seem to be fairly apathetic to crypto, or perhaps simply don't have a good understanding of it. And that's ok! I think it's great that we have such a great mixture of content creators and crypto fanatics. Today is more of an educational video on the value of cryptocurrency and why I believe that you should care about it.

Some of the Topics covered are:

-Reasons the Banks and Legacy systems give us to get into crypto, like inflation and QE

-How cryptocurrency helps people in the world

-How crypto protects us from overbearing and irresponsible governments

-How crypto value compares to the value of major currencies like the Euro or US Dollar

-Why Bitcoin is valuable

-Volatility and how dollar cost averaging helps

Of course a Nacho BitTube.tv video wouldn't be quite right without some proper Tube shilling. I talk a bit about the opportunity we have with Tube and being so early into this wonderful but greatly undervalued project.

If you feel like anyone could benefit from the info in this video I would greatly appreciate it if you share it with them.

#bittube #bittubelocal #tube #crypto #tutorial

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By thinkoutsidetheglobe

Those ARE very important info...AAF!

AgreedAsFuck! hahah

Get rid of FIAT is a HUGE step to our higher LEVEL of Existence!

Right now i feel like a Heroin addict.

Knowing the Earth is FLAT, opens up an ENTIRE NEW WORLD....literally!

Great info man....will get me there for sure!


By thinkoutsidetheglobe

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By genesis

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By BitTubeViews.com

Another excellent Video, and one that everyone should share with their friends and family that are starting to wake up to the money scam and especially how to protect themselves financially for the future...

By Nosat

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.09 USD)

By Nosat

The inflation tax is brutal, this is how they can murder people all around the earth plane with high tech weapons without the public noticing the price tag.

By BrodieRobertson

Thanks for doing a video like this, I've only really taken a very cursory look at crypto and I feel like I've learnt a lot from this.

By cryptoramble

I can''t watch the whole thing cause it's long but good so far!

By BrodieRobertson

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