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Captain America Is The Fulfillment Of The Nazi Eugenics Program

If you're unfamiliar with the movie "Captain America," it revolves around glorifying the Nazi eugenics project of creating super soldiers by injecting them with a cocktail of steroids and growth hormones. The Nazis conducted these experiments on their soldiers, but whatever the Nazis did during WW2 pales in comparison to what the American government is doing today to its soldiers and to its own people. The descendants of the same experts and scientists who worked under the Nazi flag now work under the American flag. Hollywood exists to desensitize the American public. Violence and gore are the bread and butter of the propaganda machine that's Hollywood. Romanticizing and normalizing violence to the public by Hollywood is as old as the movie business itself. Hollywood's violence-romanticizing machinery has proven to be extremely effective, and that's why the top lifetime highest-grossing films are mostly violent. The indoctrination is working. People have been effectively conditioned to enjoy violence and war. No wonder the American people are completely desensitized about the American Empire's neverending warfare around the globe. It's exactly the same kind of hypnosis the Nazi propaganda put the German public under to manufacture consent for perpetual wars. Put ANYTHING under a good spotlight, and you're guilty of promoting it. And Hollywood is guilty of promoting war and violence. The movie Captain America specifically promotes the idea of super soldiers, military superiority, and forever wars. Captain America is the fulfillment of the Nazi eugenics program. These kids who mindlessly cheer for this eugenics offspring as he kicks ass on TV are growing up with exactly the same mentality that the nazi propaganda normalized on the German public to desensitize them and condition them to accept a culture of forever war and perpetual violence.

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