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(Those Indian who love the reptile jews/russian(slavic)/chinese/muslim/black nigger, or those indian who marry them and mix child with them,

They must be love how these reptile communist race jews/russian(slavic)/chinese/muslim/black nigger to slaughter the cow and animals and drink the blood too, So those Indian who love/mix with (them), They are not the real Indian)

Now you know why we genocide these black nigger too?

The whole traditional of India root is came from Indo Aryans/ White Indian, Including the heritage of Swastika 卐 ritual, Science and the wisdom, So,

Of Course the Beauty White Aryans cannot marry with ugly dark skin indian and mix up the ugly next generation to ruin the traditional and beauty and EQ,

If we don't keep our Purity, Our traiditional will disappear after a few generations,

No one wanna mix with the ugly one, And only the ugly one wanna mix with the beauty one, So, Racism is a must to prevent so many problem

and also available to Highly prevent the communist race putting KGB spy in your land, Since you know the Inferior nigger or the Inferior communist race, They have no culture at all .


The so-called students are actually the antifa/communist/drugs dealer/prostitute to send in here, As their reptile jews/muslim/chinese/russian(slavic) kgb spy to send into the land of Europe .

And Of Course there is no equality, Our India is are never an proletariat-communist nation like you !

So everything is Hierarchy, We don't want the Inferior Low EQ to lead and ruin everything, And these is based on Karma too, If you are born in Inferior race in this life, Which mean you have done the bad things in your past life .

That's how we can keep and remain our traditional, Beauty, And Wisdom 卐

Plus, India is an Fascist nation since the ancient time, That's how we protect our traditonal from you ugly shit Inferior reptilian race

black nigger/Russian(slavic)/Chinese/Jews/Muslim/Antifa Communist kgb spy Abrahamic-semitic sand people shit !!!

Plus, Most of the Indian are Vegetarian, We don't need cannibal or meat eater here, And also, We don't need any drugs or prostitute establish in India !!!

BLM antifa-communist thief rob and do drug and prostitute and

along with their reptile hollywood brainwashed system trying to promote gay or feminist pedophile communist marxism proletariat equality in every White Aryan's Europe country,

These BLM antifa-communist are along with muslim who financially funding by the reptile freemasonry jews,

And Chinese Russian(slavic) communist KGB, And send to the Aryan's land to ruin the heritage of Aryan's traditional and the teaching of wisdom .

India, German and Japan, Or any Axis Power countries, Are not the antifa/communist countries, And we know the reptile jews/chinese/russian(slavic) who send you black nigger and muslim open border trying to ruin the India traditional and Hierarchy, Just like you did to the Europe/Any White Nordic Aryan nation,

So, No one need you nigger monkey here, When someone don't want you to their land, You gonna learn how to respect their decision .

And no reptile jews/russian(slavic)/chinese media lies for you in here, Like the anti-white media that (they)'ve did to Europe or any White Aryan country !

So no reptile jews hollywood will cover your ugly nigger face in here !

Black Panther Nigger man? Cut your diversity propaganda bull shit here !

(They) are dead now ! Nigger Lives Doesn't Matter !

Well, Why don't you go to the jews/chinese/russian(slavic)/muslim these antifa/communist/abrahamic-semitic countries?

Israel, Russia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, North and south Korea, Or any muslim countries,

Tell them open border for you, They are full of drugs and prostitute and no Hierarchy, They are all the freemasonry marxism antifa/communist equality and globalism abrahamic-semitic countries,

So you should go there, Why don't you go there?

Plus, You don't know our Führer Adolf Hitler and Netaji subhash chandra bose both are the real father of India since independent, Until now, India are still part of Axis Power 卐

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(Everything happens for a reason,Whether we genocide the reptile jews/chinese/russian(slavic)/black nigger/muslim/or any antifa-communist/leftist/abrahamic-semitic, We genocide (them) again and again and again,

It must be a reason we did that, When you find out why, Then you will know)