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gonna be big



GIFT BOX is the core mechanism of the game. Players buy one or more boxes, and receive part of the purchase amount from subsequent boxes as dividends. GIFT BOX's initial value is zero, and will keep increasing.

Game countdown is 12 hours. For every box purchased, opened or upgraded, an additional 30s will be added to the countdown which will not exceed the upper limit of 12 hours. Game ends when the countdown goes to zero. Players can claim their earnings after the game.

After the game, the last 100 players who purchased will be sharing 1% of the total dividend pool. The last buyer will get an additional grand prize.

Three things you can do after purchasing GIFT BOX

Open the box: open your box before the game ends to get double earnings with what's inside the box.

Upgrade the box: use the current prize in the box to buy more boxes (current box value is greater than the purchase box). The current box will be reserved but with no value. You will get more share of dividends.

Keep the box: for boxes remain closed until the end of the game, players will get the value inside the box.

For each box purchased, money will be distributed to

35% equally distributed to all boxes purchased before

35% to be used as the open box reserve. If players open their boxes in the middle of the game and use this reserve, the rest of the reserve will be sent to the prize pool after the game ends.

10% goes to the prize pool and will be shared among the last 100 buyers

5% as the grand prize for the last winner

5% for development team

5% for promoters

5% for marketing expenses

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By mrrick

another ponzi from that jackass justin sun , has he hever had a real job in his life?