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The Great Culling has Begun | #TrueConstruct

The elite always tell us what they plan to do to us, before the do it. For every false flag event there are usually drills happening at the same exact time, just like on 9/11. Before the false flag events, predictive programming is sure to be found. With CONvid 19 and the jab it's no different. As you will see in this video clip featuring Jesse Ventura in Episode 5, Season 1 of Conspiracy Theory. Jesse Ventura is tipped off by Alex Jones about Dr. Rima Laibow having left the country due to information she obtained about the great culling that the elite planned to roll out. The elite want to reduce world population by 90%, this goal is even etched in stone on the Georgia Guidestones in the 8 most common languages.

This episode aired on December 30th, 2009, at that time Swine Flu was the big concern. At this time Rima Laibow likely thought the event was going to be coming very soon. As we now know, the event would take 11 years to officially begin. That would be CONvid 19 and the jab that started in 2020. The truth about the fact that we do not live on a cartoon ball went viral in 2015, this likely pushed the elite to make a big move to stop that truth from being known by the whole world. The elite simply can't allow people from all the known land masses to get up and push South to find out what has been hidden. So CONvid and the Jab was their solution, this event was their reaction to that truth going viral. They have many different directions they can go with this event, most fell they are going to use the jab to kill as many people as possible and then blame those that did not take the jab. In this video I discuss possible scenarios the elite might be planning to go with and present the clip of Rima Laibow telling Jesse Ventura about the plan of the elite to eliminate 90% of the world population. The answer is SouthBound, those that are awake and can see the truth need to push South and reach the hidden land beyond Antarctica.Pushing South is the only way to stop the new world order in its tracks. The elite have a goal to reach by 2030, so decade we find ourselves in .. will only proceed to go downhill each year. The clock is ticking, we were warned.. now what? Will you wake up and push South.. or will you stand your ground and fight?

#SouthBound #TrueConstruct

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