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America Is A Fascist Police State

If you spend the majority of your income on vacations and travel, it's self-evident that you're a travel enthusiast. If you spend it on food, it's self-evident that you're a food lover. If you spend it on clothes, it's clearly self-evident that you're a fashion enthusiast. Similarly, the fact that America is a fascist police state is self-evident in its spending. The majority of the budget of the United States government goes to military spending, and therefore, America is a war nation. And while America spends 61% of its money on warfare, ONLY 1% is spent on food and agriculture, ONLY 2% is spent on unemployment and labor, ONLY 2% is spent on science, ONLY 5% is spent on health, ONLY 5% is spent on housing, and ONLY 5% is spent on education! So, if you're too dumb to figure out why cities like San Francisco are overwhelmed by homeless people, now you know why. It's by design. The cost of one aircraft carrier can provide enough housing to completely abolish homelessness in the United States. But, of course, the U.S. government will never save the cost of a single bullet to spend it on its own citizens. Every dollar spent on war is a dollar NOT spent on helping citizens back home. And recently a bill to cut 10% of the War Machine during a pandemic failed because the majority of America's politicians are in the deep pockets of the Military-Industrial Complex.

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