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#covid19 #WrongGod Churches are crying that people staying at home is going to hurt them financially. Yep, as we always figured, they worship the almighty dollar!! Why can't the Vatican, and other religious core centers come up off the rooms full of cash they have to help these so called struggling churches out? Oh that's right, the money is mostly gone from paying families of little boys buggered over the past century or two.

Or... if the congregation really IS this super jeebus following fambly they like to pretend to be, why can't they just mail in the money the would have thrown into the collection plate, or pay pal it or something? Actually the pandemic would be SAVING the church money, don't have to buy all that cheap wine to pass off as the blood of god, the stale fortune cookie 'body of's the AC to keep the place cool, all the gas to go back and forth etc.

Maybe god planned this to hurt your so called churches to teach you a lesson about worshiping the benjamins over god.

Just saying.....

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