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JOSELITO - From heart to head

THE REVELATION OF THE SECRET: After you have taken in the

sound track, read some of the spiritual writings right away. The energy awakened in the heart moves

to the centers in the head, and then the synergy of these two poles creates a spiritual spark. A regular

reoccurrence of this stream (heart to head) starts igniting a spiritual light around the head. This is the

best way of using the Internet to support ones own spiritual development. The precondition for it is

that you like music and that you are interested in spirituals secrets. lfthe sound track is overbearing or

unacceptable to you, find an easier one that suits you. lf you stay only at the level of Iistening and

watching, the emotions will always cool off and the head will be empty and dissatisfied. Then the

outside (corrupt) world can easily influence you and prompt the feeling of anger and disappointment in

the heart, which in time leads to illness and powerlessness. Although the death of the physical is

unavoidable, my insight tells me that by awakening the spiritual light in the aura of the head, you claim

the right to a spiritual (medical) protection from serious diseases, and you bring the fruits of it into the

afterlife. A high price has been “paid” for the public revelation of some of the secrets. To those who do

not know how to read spiritual writings (without prejudice) the revealed secrets usually look like

madness or fiction. What is being read should always be taken as information without taking pros and

cons. The information coming from the supernatural world most often cannot be proved by means of

the senses, and so should be carefully considered with the help of logical thinking that is open to

unknown truths. Since there have been no comments on my spiritual writings so far, it is obvious that

the fear from the unknown exists. Face the fear reasonably for it is the seducer (Satan) that is standing

behind it. In this way, he controls people because they remain under his sway as long as they do not

search for answers. Fear and death cannot be overpowered by anybody, and they come quietly like

sleep, but sickness usually comes with an alarm, and then you run to doctors whose help is weak. A

mystic does not go to the worldly doctors, and he has an inbuilt transmitter and receiver for the higher

world. ln this way, he can get an answer to any question (he is allowed to make known) and can offer

help or instruction about how to control diseases (on the Earth) or the pains in the Purgatory.

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