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Temple of the Worm - AvP2 Custom Map (Complete Playthrough)

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map titled "Temple of the Worm".

Map author: Phil 'Windebieste' Wlodarczyk.


"Your loyalty to to your foolhardy clan mate has ended in disaster.  

Having lost his own energy sift device, he has borrowed yours for his rite of passage blood hunt quest. Unfortunately, his failure to return bodes unfavourably for your clan as Your energy sift that he was carrying is a valuable clan asset that cannot be easily replaced. As such, your clan council has decreed that you are responsible for your own equipment and have advised you that "You gave it to him, you can go and get it." and it must be retrieved from the Temple of the Worm, the last known location of your missing clan mate.

This is not a personal trial of manhood for you to be performed alone. The Temple of the Worm has a reputation for being an extremely hazardous hunting ground and the clan Council has decided that you are to be accompanied by two experienced Yautja 'Brothers of the Spear' warrior clan members to assist you in the task.  

Your mission is simple: Enter the Temple of the Worm, determine the fate of your missing clan mate and collect the lost Energy Sift. Then return to the extraction point with your escorts for immediate collection from the site to the Yautja pursuit ship hovering overhead..."

Map review:

Temple of the Worm is a predator-based map in which the player must find their energy sift in a temple and make it back to the ship for evac. The player starts off with just wristblades, but can find a few more weapons along their way on the map. The map is a mix of narrow outdoor areas and rooms within temples. All the enemies the player faces are aliens. They can easily gang up on the player due to frequent spawning and close quarter environments. To help the player out, two ally npc predators will accompany the player. They aren't that effective in combat though as they have slow reaction time and sometimes act buggy. I've found it is best to use them primarily as distractions for the aliens to target instead of me. 

The map is pretty hard, as the amount of attacking aliens seems almost endless at times. There are few alien npcs that seem to respawn infinitely. Once the player is able to get back to the start of the map, the player must lead the two predators back on the platform for the ending cutscene to trigger. This is a decent predator map. My biggest complaint is that the predator feels underpowered when facing so many enemies and having limited weaponry. Regardless, it's worth checking out.

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