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Metrostation - AvP2 Custom Map (Complete Playthrough)

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map titled "Metrostation".

Map author: {AERO} Gps (with unfinished maps from The Flying Scotman and Hevoc)

Map review:

Metrostation is a huge map consisting of at least two maps joined together. The major sections of the map consist of a subway, a sewer, a temple, an industrial area and a hive. While the map looks cool, it feels very lifeless. Sound is almost non-existent unless you run into enemies. There are no ambient sounds, music, etc. This made the experience of the map feel very dull.

There are plenty of enemies to combat though. The aliens will typically spawn as you approach every corner. This becomes quickly repetitive. The predator ai spawns are much more interesting and difficult to combat. This map is supposed to include various mission objectives as indicated in the readme, such as rescuing your fellow marines. The primary objective is to eliminate the queen and escape on the apc. These objectives never showed up for me during my playthrough. Furthermore, the other marines and apc never spawned.

I know other players have received the mission objectives and had the marines and apc spawn. I don't know if this map is glitched or if there is a non-glitched version of the map as well. I tried replaying the map and I still experienced the glitched version each time. So if you play this map, maybe you will experience a slightly better experience if it loads correctly?

Metrostation is not a terrible map by any means. The map comes off as lacking some polish and maybe a bit of bug testing. Give it a try.

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