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#171 ATX Power Supply Circuit Description in Urdu / Hindi

#171 ATX Power Supply Circuit Description in Urdu / Hindi

To watch this video in English go to link https://youtu.be/O8mT9I3chzQ

in this video i explained in urdu / hindi language how does computer atx 200 Watt PSU SMPS switch mode power supply works. i explained diagram step by step so it will very helpful in smps troubleshooting and easy repair.

because the repair man must know how does the circuit works.

computer ATX power supply have input EMI filter, MOVs, NTC, dual line inductor filter bridge rectifier and capacitor to charge at specific dc level,

after that there is standby power supply which generates , VCC for PWM controller. PG power Good signal is generated after voltage level verification by level comparator. PWM controller receives power ON command from CPU and starts switching, which drives the Inverter section BJTs, MOSFETs, IGBTs, and we receive +12 Volt, - 12 Volt, +5 Volt -ve 5 volt 3.3 volt which is further purified by stabilization circuit. feed back circuit is used to regulate the output voltage, if SMPS makes fluctuations, or any voltage is over voltage or SMPS short circuit the OVER voltage protection circuit controls the output control pin of PWM controller, so that the output will off

this video is useful for

how to repair SMPS

how to repair AT ATX power supply

fan turns on and then goes OFF

PSU have no output

how to repair computer power supply

how does atx power supply works

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