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Another Treasonous Arab Nation Bends The Knee To The Hateful Jews Of Israel

Another treasonous Arab nation bends the knee to the hateful Jews of Israel. Bahrain joins the United Arab Emirates in signing a deal in Washington to normalize ties with Israel.

The governments of the UAE and Bahrain have always been secretly dealing with Israel for decades. Both governments have been supporting America's terrorist organizations in the Middle East like ISIS to destabilize the region for the benefit of the Jews of Israel. But the UAE and Bahrain are not hiding it anymore.

It's worth noting that the UAE and Bahrain would NEVER have become what they are today if not for their collaboration with Israel and the United States. The criminal cabal of international bankers allowed the UAE to print all that money that it's been using to build its skyscrapers BECAUSE the UAE is collaborating with them for the benefit of the Jews of Israel. And that's the ONLY reason the UAE became so rich. Because if you bend the knee to the Jews of Israel and become a devout Zionist, you'll be rich like Dubai but if you don't you'll be poor like Venezuela which has far more oil than the UAE and Bahrain COMBINED.

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