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Skybuds - 2x4 Grow Tent - Bloom - Day 32 - Steem OG & Big Nug Fast - Seedsman - Weedcash - Cannabis -

In this video clip, I talk about the issue I have with the Seedsman Big Nug Fast plant #2.

These are at Day 32 of Flower and they are starting to look great and produce some nice crystals.

The other 3 plants have no real signs of any problems so I am unaware of how that happens to the #2 plant.

The stretch that the steem OG has had is unreal, to say the least, It would have benefited from some LST.

You can view the video here:

[LBRY] https://open.lbry.com/@SkylinebudsGrowlog:a/2x4-grow-tent---bloom---day-32---steem-og---big-nug-fast---seedsman---weedcash:7

You can come join and view the weedcash post here https://weedcash.network/weedcash/@skylinebuds/2x4-grow-tent-bloom-day-32-steem-og-and-big-nug-fast-seedsman-weedcash

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Publish0x - https://www.publish0x.com?a=LDdwm8Ra1Y - Earn Crypto For Reading

Weedcash - https://weedcash.network/@skylinebuds... - Post Your Cannabis Grows/Reviews/StonerShit

Canna-Curate - https://discord.gg/DHArmQ - Come Join A Bunch Of Stoners Chat About Everything

#cannabis #growtent #growing #steem #weedcash #2x4

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By jonyoudyer


Steem Og on Bittube!! Epic