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LIVE STREAM: All Science Confirms Flat Earth

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By Al A

I like science and I am sceptical of a lot of things that seem shady or shaky.

I recently tried a couple of experiments to honestly get an answer. I tried repeating Jeren Campanella's famous 3 boards and a torch (I used a laser pointer set on a spirit level. It showed a curve. I wanted to check a few more things so I went to a port here in the UK to disprove the curve using a ship and every ship disappeared beyond the horizon.

I tried but proved the earth is curved. Thoughts?

By Cipher-Tu Productions

Looking forward to seeing that vid you'r working on!!!

By Bertiecharlie

No science confirms the flat earth.

By MusicAnalyst

Love the concave earth and the spherical satelites. How come they cant just film with an ordinary camera lens? At least once? Naw they all got to be fish eye lens.

To the people that say what does it matter if its flat or not. Well it does matter a whooole lot. Firstly if its flat , it means its a special place made by the architect of this reality. GOD. If its a ball in endless space, then they are implying that there is no architect of this reality and that the big bang is real, which is NONSENSE.

Second, if there is a flat plane, then it could mean an possibility of an endless amount of land that is hidden from us instead of a finite amount on the ball earth.

The notion of everything appearing from nothingness is beyond ridiculous. Nothingness is not even possible cause how can one ever detect that nothingness? When athiests die, they think they end up in nothingness, well how could they ever be aware of them ended up in nothingness? They would have to be conciouss to be able to see that aah now i am in nothingness lol. Which is impossible, therefore it practically means there is no nothingness.

Also , why would there first be a nothingness, then a big bang exploding out of that endless nothingness for no reason at all since the nothingness is supposed to be forever.

There has always been an architect god that has always existed outside of time and it created time for this reality.

Haha great video on women wanting equality lol!! Had not seen it.

By MerrimourTheRed

just rolled up a LBRY page - https://lbry.tv/@MerrimourTheRed:a

By MerrimourTheRed

just woke up ... my sleep is all backwards right now ... sleeping all day up at night ... ugh ... watching now

By Nosat

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By RedPillPhilosophy

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