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@Leo Frank

John de Nugent - Glory to Mary Phagan and the white men who avenged her

Glory to Mary Phagan and the white men who avenged her


2013 video by John de Nugent on the centenary of the Mary Phagan murder in 1913 by Leo Frank.

Mary Ann Phagan, on April 26, 1913 was a marvelous, kind, fun, industrious, attractive and just all-around outstanding white Christian girl of 13, but she was brutally hit, raped and strangled by the German Jew Leo Max Frank in Atlanta, Georgia, where she worked 55 hours a week for a dollar an hour in his pencil factory. 

She had dared to refuse his sexual advances, which included threats of firing and demands he get to commit anal sex on her as on his many other white female gentile victims.

Leo Frank was unanimously found guilty by three juries (coroner's, grand and petit) – in fact, the grand jury itself had three Jews on it, and all 24 members signed his indictment — for the sodomy, rape and murder he committed on a 13-year-old girl, his own employee. 

His death sentence was confirmed by five levels of our court system, county, state and federal, including the US Supreme Court – twice.

Frank, almost as bad, had tried during both his trial and in a vast post-conviction media campaign, to pin his crime on two of his innocent black employees, the janitor and the night watchman. 

This pedophile child killer thought his powerful Jewish connections up on Wall Street in New York City would get him off. Epic fail.

It had everything to do actually with his committed Jewishness. 

1) The Talmud (a kind of second Bible to Jews) teaches Jews to despise and use Gentiles, and that rape is acceptable because Gentiles were created, yes, created to serve the Jews, and this is THEIR planet that Yahweh gave them;

2) Frank was the President of B’nai B’rith of Atlanta (the Jewish Freemasonic organization), and

3) all of American Jewry rallied to him, and huge Jewish newspapers (there was no tv, radio or internet, then so newspapers were the entire media) miscast the trial as an antisemitic conspiracy.

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