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Frosty Aliens Predators - AvP2 Custom Map (Complete Playthrough) - Part 2

Aliens vs Predator 2 singleplayer custom map titled "Frosty Aliens Predators".

Map author: HHO.


"The Mission"

"Frosty has been sent in to Investigate. Frosty's mission is to find a way in and out of this Weyland supply ghost ship? Battle through Aliens and Humans and Lots of nasty ol preds. Is it an experiment gone wrong? Can Frosty make it?"

Map review:

Frosty Aliens Predators (aka FAP, lol) is a massive marine-based singleplayer map reworked from an older multiplayer map. The author, HHO, released several versions of the map, each with improvements. I actually showcased an early beta release here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctTb5iTEzr4 which was excessively difficult at times.

There are three main versions/editions of the map, each with their own small variations. The first is the original FAP, then there was the special edition version (FAP_SE) and then there is version FAPSE_UPDATE2017 which I played in this video. The 2017 version is the most up to date version of this map at the time of this video and it is probably the final release.

In the map, the player controls Frosty and must infiltrate a large space ship complex loaded with corporates, aliens and predators. Nearly all enemy types appear in the map, even the strikers (mosquito-looking npcs). The initial main mission objective is to stop the corporates from placing bombs to blow up the hive. As the player progresses, he/she must locate the torch and hacking panel. To finish the map quickly, all the player has to do is hack a computer panel to activate the escape ship for launch. 

However, what makes this map special is as the player progresses, the map slowly turns more and more treacherous with an ever-increasing hive goo, alarms and ship-shaking galore. It gets VERY intense if the player continues the map beyond the minimum effort required.

The reason for the player to stay extra long on the map is that various new enemies appear as bonus challenges for the player. These are extra predators, a queen, etc. There are various cutscenes in the map indicating that the player has the option to go back and face them if the player chooses to. The player is rewarded with collectible prizes (large in-game actions figures, yes really) for doing so. I know for a fact I found the marine prize, but I'm not sure on the others.

The only real problem with the map is that it can be very confusing at times in where to go or what to do. I had played this map previously and still got lost at one point. This map is great for those who love to explore though and it's very challenging. The ai can be pretty intense and sometimes slightly unfair. The aliens are very headbite-happy and at times the player will have two or more predators spawn at point blank range in front of them. 

Personally, I love the challenge. I especially like that this map offers a lot of predator enemies, whereas most maps only have one or two max. I would say for me, the highlight of the map is fighting the predators on the catwalks and in the cramped vents. Moments like this are very adrenaline pumping. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this map.

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