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@Yuri Jacobs

This Is How COPPA Will Destroy YouTubers... (It's Really Bad) | FTC YouTube COPPA Update (Mirror)

This is unfucking believable (Please excuse my language if there are any younger subscribers here) 😠This is the weekend and normally, I would upload my next Gaming video, but I have no words to say about the stupidity on the outdated COPPA by the FTC and the impact it'll have on YouTube December 10th. Remember YouTube's TOS' link I posted? This is why I left before 12/10, I cannot afford $40,000 per video if they're not Kid friendly. Watch this video by KreetCraft.

KreetCraft makes a lot of great points about COPPA, being outdated and what YouTube creators can do to voice their opinions or facts about it. I've already done my part by tweeting and sharing Kreet's video. There are steps you can take to voice yourself or if you have friends who have a YouTube channel:

1) Leave A Comment, Make certain it's short and professional: https://www.regulations.gov/comment?D=FTC-2019-0054-0001

2) Tweet The FTC: https://www.ftc.gov/about-ftc/commissioners

Only 3 of the 5 Commissioners haven't responded yet and their attention is needed on the subject. They are Chairman Joe Simmons (No relation to Richard, God Bless his soul), Rohit Chopra (Yes, that's his name. Don't make fun of it, too much) and finally, we have the lovely Rebecca Kelly Slaughter (*Sigh* I'm sure Sarge is proud of her).

But in all due seriousness, YouTubers like KreetCraft cannot afford to pay $40,000 each time out his pocket just because the videos aren't kid friendly and us Adults watch sports, movies, TV shows, eat, listen to songs and musicals and play video/computer games that kids would, I'm sorry again, still at a loss for words. #COPPA #KreetCraft #FTC #YouTube

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By DarkMTS_57BiT

They simply can´t leave what used to work, they have to ruin it somehow.

So stupid...

By BrickIntyre

It infuriated me that YouTube brought this down on themselves and then left it to us to clean up. They basically threw us to the wolves. That in and of itself was enough to make me leave.

By ShawnsTechCave

time for youtubers to come to bittubers.im moving my content over here because im sorry i dont have millions of dollars to pay to the ftc,the hell with them.

By ShakmGaming

Yeah R.I.P. my gaming channels... Then again i was doomed from the beginning; see i'm a kid at heart 😏...

By PeaGames

That is why both Youtube, and possibly BitTube will be bombarded with that Coppa mess. We can only simply "hope", that the Coppa is being appealed by community, because internet is not ONLY for protecting kids. It is parent's responsibility alone to make sure their kids are monitored, not us.

But alas, we are only 'toys' for kids here.

I just hope that this Coppa won't enter in Europe. I don't think countries can stand so much of freedom of speech killing.

By smaram

well done and unbelieveable true!

By smaram

I just donated 50.0 TUBEs ($ 0.47 USD)

By Fun Linux Laptop

The word 'fun' is in the name of my channel. According to COPPA my channel could get flagged as kids content simply because of that "key word' even though I have personally flagged it as not for kids. What a trainwreck.