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Henry Canyons - Canyonland (2015 Full Album)

Fun crazy album by a hiphop genius.

Track List:

0:00 Unconditional (cuts by Freddy Jay)

4:00 Music Man (ft. Zoe Rose)

9:05 Post-Modern Man (ft. Open Mike Eagle & Zoe Rose)

13:35 Dis Moi (ft. Zoe Rose & Matt)

17:46 Now's the Time (ft. Zoe Rose & Jon Ramm)

22:38 Vicious Cycles (ft. Blax One ILL & cuts by Freddy Jay)

26:49 C'est La Vie

29:28 Wet Concrete

33:05 I Wanna

37:14 Jade (ft. Desi Valentine)

Canyonland is a conceptual album that revolves around Henry Canyons' journey to Los Angeles, his struggle to adjust to a new life there, his coming to terms and attempts to keep a solid connection with his identity as a "half-French, Jewish Brooklynite" that has been transplanted into a place that is wildly different from what he was used to. It also outlines his efforts to solidify his personal and professional spheres, his romantic ups and downs and his perspective on Los Angeles life in general. Musically-speaking, this album is a much smoother ride than the topic itself betrays. Henry's baritone voice glides effortlessly over a beautiful, West-Coast boom-bap backdrop (produced by Keor Meteor), riding the tempo with technically proficient flow and great lyrics. Zoe Rose, a very talented, jazzy and soulful singer/songrwiter, makes several appearances throughout, lending her silky-smooth voice to many of the choruses. Freddy Jay provides some funky vinyl cuts on others. Open Mike Eagle also makes an appearance, lending a great guest-verse. Overall, Canyonland is a great album for both casual listeners who want something they can easily throw on in the car for a relaxing listen or more hardcore listeners who like to dig into the lyrics and think about what a rapper is conveying.



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