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Mai Kazuki (Magical Emi) and Noelle silva (Black Clover) Custom Wallpaper [reupload with Better Quality]

Mai Kazuki (Magical Emi) and Noelle silva (Black Clover) Custom Wallpaper [reupload with Better Quality]

Mai Kazuki (Magical Emi) and noelle silva (Black Clover) Custom Wallpaper




Been working on this all night last Night,took me over 5 hours of pasting and editing,but this was well worth it:P

anyways,heres my latest Masterpiece Crossover Custom Wallpaper featuring 2 Magical Girl Anime characters from 2 animes from Studio Pierrot which are Mai Kazuki from the 80's Magical Girl Anime "Mahou no Star Magical Emi" and Noelle Silva from the recent ongoing Shounen Jump Anime "Black Clover"

after getting a bunch of these recommendation videos reccommended to me,I decided to give this Black Clover a Chance,and yep,As I expected,another Long running Shounen Anime,but I'll say this for one thing,it's waaaaaaay better than Naruto and Noelle is a way more useful character than that useless Sakura Haruno from Naruto.lol.

and yes,as for female shounen characters,I'm also aware of Ochaco Uraraka from My Hero Acadimia,but I didn't care for that show and i immediately dropped that series after the first episode.lol

Misaka Mikoto from Railgun and Noelle from Black Clover are a few exceptions of Shounen done Right! (Well almost.lol)

anyways,enjoy this awsome new Video:P

Songs I used

We are the Lord's own Family (80's Kids Church Song)

Year: 1985



Yasashii Blue [80's Jpop song by Ryoko Sano]

Year: 1988

Vocal Artist: Ryoko Sano


Composer: Shiro Sagisu

Album: Aishuu EXPRESS (哀愁エクスプレス)


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