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Tales of ARISE - Opening | "HIBANA" by Kankaku Piero

The official opening is finally here! “HIBANA” is performed by j-rock band Kankaku Piero, and animated by Tales series veteran, Ufotable!

Tales of Arise arrives September 10, 2021!

Pre-order now: https://www.talesofarise.com

- Lyrics -

[ English ver. ]

I want to feel your heart right now

You are the place my only hope

Oh I’m barely breathing and beaten to the ground

But each and every time

We all stand up

Stop lying to yourself and be true to yourself and then maybe

We both can exceed destiny

So let’s shout it out

You might feel alone

But I’m right by your side

Just like the flowers that bloom and fall

Repeat over and over again

Keep the flame alive

I want to feel your heart right now

You are the place my only hope

I know...

We can one day

We spark like flowers in the sky

No matter where I’m by your side

I know...

You and I

Let’s grind our souls and wield together

Can you feel my heart beat ?

So take my hand to new tomorrow

Don’t hold back and let it be

You give me strength and keep brave to dive in darkness

Let’s burn yeah light it up

Spark just like HIBANA

Light up our HIBANA

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