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Merkel wants "forced vaccination through the back door" - DR. ROBBY SCHLUND

BERLIN. Yes, he has a cautious side. It seems to be almost daily routine in the Bundestag: Almost nobody - politicians, employees, journalists - wears a mask. In the corridors and offices, they sometimes stand closer together and in greater numbers than permitted. A handshake is normal. In short: Parliament seems to be corona-safe. But outside in "media reality", a different wind is still blowing. And "he who tells the truth" - an old winged word - "must have a fast horse".

Dr. Robby Schlund, 54 - since 2017 for the opposition leader AfD in the parliament - invited me to his office and took more than two hours. A matter-of-fact type, yet sociable. He is aware of the hostile attacks that are being carried out from the unified press against anyone who dares to question the official narrative. He is also aware of the concerns of a minority within his own faction - about a fifth, all of them non-medical - who actually believed the government and media portrayals of the "death pandemic".

And yet the AfD Group has taken it upon itself to be the first - just before Easter - to call for an end to the artificial shutdown of the constitution, the economy and society.

According to Dr Schlund, the "shutdown" did not save a single human life, but at best extended the course of the infection. And in the meantime it has become clear that not even that would have been necessary: In the hospitals, "overcapacities" piled up without end. The state pays 560 euros a day for every empty bed. This of course also explains the Charité's interest in prolonging the crisis if possible - in my opinion - and preventing curious journalists from securing evidence with specially hired security services.

This is by no means the end of the drama. However, Robby Schlund, one of the leading 709 representatives of the people, is now for the first time publicly criticizing the interference of the US oligarch Bill Gates in national decision-making. He is sceptical about Gates' demand to "vaccinate" every person quickly: it normally takes two to three years to produce a safe vaccine. And yes, vaccination accidents - a forbidden topic - occur again and again, especially in the case of rush jobs. As a doctor and politician, Dr. Schlund dealt with the accidental hepatitis C contamination of 5,000 women in the GDR, who had to undergo a special "forced immunization" in 1978/79.

Even today, public health is suffering great damage, which is not only caused by the virus, but also by state actionism: nocebo effects, fear of the future, lack of immunisation due to lack of contact, closed training facilities, gas back-up under the masks. "This is just negative stress", says Dr Schlund, and now even fears an increase in cancer suffering.

Although - and this is my thought again - all other clinical pictures are likely to decline rapidly thanks to the new corona test - at least statistically.

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