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THE BOOTY JUDGE and other VAMPIRE games that troll you

In the twisted matrix we live the psychopath elite often troll us with funny names meant to rub our faces in the insults. Yes, they think we are stupid. And most of us have been. But let's try to change that shall we?

Tonight I look at a Presidential candidate named: BOOTY JUDGE, a Chief Medical Examiner of the worst child massacre in American history named: CARVER. A convicted racist caucasian police officer named: KOON, and an African American mass shooting victim named: FUDGE. This is a small sample of your world, and if you aren't saying WTF by now then please tune into my channel so that you can learn to have eyes to see. I only want to help you.

Sit back and relax and let me take you on a little tour of deception and the trolling that they do.

#hoax #massshooting #politics #flatearth #sandyhook

the entire "Dr Carver" press conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVLCSqoZYqY

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By Nosat

I just donated 10.0 TUBEs ($ 0.10 USD)

By ZAKzak

Hi bro, Have a nice Day...See you next time. 👍

By Nosat

Too funny, politics is so much more fun when you know it is all totally fake and we don't decide anything.

Would be great to see some Sandy Hook Hoax vids on BitTube, good censorship test 👍👍