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By popular request, here's an unpopular question:

BitTubers.com is completely ad-free and earnings come entirely from Airtime.

Now, if there was an ads marketplace (in $TUBE) for additional creator+viewer earnings, would you support that? Viewers could simply opt out.

GO VOTE HERE: https://twitter.com/BitTubeApp/status/1210677597606166529?s=20

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By CoZ

I vote no, keep it ad free

By ___

To everyone who doesn't like Twitter: Just make a temporary email account, sign up for Twitter using the temporary email account, and then don't bother using Twitter again after voting. Durrrrr....

By WillyMonka

I am not going to vote because I have not used that social media garbage that is Twitter, but here is my first opinion about it: hurry to see the platform grow and sell for 30 coins. Do you want to fuck what makes you unique and different? Do you think that for some currencies a viewer will prefer a site that works the same but that, by comparison, barely has content? I guess you believe it or you wouldn't have asked that question. Anyway, thanks for asking.

By Eningles

Thats how brave works and im happy getting notifications from ads so long as i get paid. With brave i usually make $3+ a month. Si my vote is yes as long as is not intrusive. This would also help the creators of btube etc

By Bitubing12345

Yes definitely. If the advertisers have to pay for the add in TUBES and that gets distributed to the content creator and viewers then great. That creates more incentive for the content creator and viewers which can help the platform grow, and more demand for TUBE powering the ecosystem. If the option is there to switch the adds off and get lower revenue if you want that seems like a good approach to me.

By KrazzyTrukkerKitz

I click the link to vote..... What do I get...? An unwanted ADVERTISEMENT to join TWATTER.

One of the worst Socialist Social Media Sites for unwanted censorship & propaganda.

Please keep the corruption, greed, & lies that advertisers bring off the BitTubers site. It is what makes this place unique and it is Also why most of us are here. 😎

By Alchimiste

I voted yes, but i'm not 100% sure. As long as it's the people choice, i'm down with it !