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@Remembering Joe Symon

Disgraced NYC Stage Actor Claims He's Being Targeted Then Launches Into a Rant of Personal Attacks Against a Viewer

He's got some stones calling this Gina woman Super Creepy considering all the things he's done. Anyone remember when he was filming inside a public restroom or filming a Latino man that wasn't even half his age and saying disgusting things about him as he was broadcasting the guy totally invading his privacy.

In this clip from a public broadcast, Joe Symon, a disgraced NYC stage actor, begins claiming he's being targeted by a cyber-mob in order to collect what ended up totalling around $10,000 from viewers (many of whom placed donations on high-interest credit cards after being pressured for more and more money), but then quickly launches into a personal attack against a private viewer. He goes on to suggest she has a drinking problem and in later braodcasts proceeds to give out her personal identifying details so his minions would harass her online.

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