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WikiSecrets (Frontline Report 2011)

This is a Frontline report of the WikiLeaks publictions from May 2011 made by Martin Smith. At the time Bradley Manning had been arrested owing to information Adrian Lamo had given to the FBI, but it was before his charging. As an update to the report at the end of the programme it is said that Julian Assange had sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London (little knowing he would still be there 7 years later).

The programme follows the usual story, focusing on personalities rather than on content, which is how the mainstream media seem to have approached this story all along, and it has all the pitfalls of that approach. The usual long list of interviewees are brought forward, including Julian himself, Daniel Berg, and reporters from the various newspapers WikiLeaks worked with, and responses from government officials to the revelations.

I sometimes feel a disclaimer is needed at the end of these introductions: mainly I feel the reporting is weak, sometimes slanderous, and concentrates on the wrong issues, but I also feel seeing how the media responded is a big part of the story, and is worth reproducing and archiving. 

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