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@The Watchdog

125. Florida Pastor calls Trump impeachment a ‘Jew Coup’

Read it here: https://cutt.ly/Ne2BRi2

Florida Pastor and founder of the TruNews YouTube channel Rick Wiles called efforts to impeach President Donald Trump part of a “Jew coup.”

In a Nov. 21, 2019 video, Wiles said, “That’s the way the Jews work. They are deceivers. They plot. They lie. They do whatever they’ve have to do to accomplish their political agenda. This impeach Trump movement is part of a Jew coup, and the American people better wake up to it fast.”

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By joder

He cast Doom on himself. Place your bets on how long before he gets fired. I say he will not be around by March 2020, at least not on jewtube.

By RoninYeti

"Jew Coup," I like it!

By MikeMazzone

end the jew coup. expel the jew by '22!

By CanalJosSilva

Maybe that guy is right.