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@Truth over traditions

Big Brother is Here!

China's video surveillance is becoming the new norm. "totalitarianism #surveillance

The whole world is being sucked into accepting one form or another of total government control, with China leading the way in video surveillance and computerised crackdown on all human behaviours. Dystopia is just around the corner.

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By TruthSeekersCollective

Seek God's Kingdom above politics!

By AmazingGloryGrace...

Well I said before about George Orwell's 1984 but this is unbelievable... What is the world coming too... We obviously never learn by past mistakes... May God help us...

By willrizzo1433

Soon anybody the system doesn't like will be tracked down and tortured.

By Boyd6474

Yep, our every move is possibly being watched.

By KnockToOpen

Wow China is gaining more and more control - thanks for the video - We do need to fight against being sucked in to their total control by focusing on doing what God wants us to do