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Meet The Chief Public Health Officer Of Canada

Meet the chief public health officer of Canada. She's a walking corpse, and she's responsible for Canadians' health.

I'm calling her "she" because that's how this creature identifies itself, but I'm not sure if it's a female. There are rumors that she's a tranny. And I wouldn't be surprised if the rumors are true because there's also a tranny running the health department in America as well. The freak's name is Rachel Levine, and he/she is the Assistant Secretary for Health.

These mentally ill and sexually confused animals represent a tiny percentage of the population, but they're forcing their will and worldview on the masses with absolute tyranny.

This abomination that calls itself Rachel Levine, for example, believes the children of America should be able to consent to life-altering physical changes WITHOUT the approval of the parents. And he's actively persuing policy to make this nightmare a reality.

Keep waving your rainbow flags, you pieces of shits, while these freaks plow you from the behind.

These sexually confused freaks are destroying the American family and robbing parents of their authority over their own children while brainwashed idiots cheer for them in blissful ignorance.

Welcome to the upside-down.

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