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The Real Danger Of Barefoot Walking | My Most Recent Experience

Forget being injured by broken glass, glass splinters, wood splinters, thorns or even rusty nails if you walk barefoot. This one danger that I talk about in this video makes the aforementioned fade in comparison. The strange thing is that it's hardly mentioned by anyone. I have not taken it as seriously before until it happened to me. Please watch to see what could be even more dangerous than being injured by a rusty nail. Enjoy the video 🙏🏽♥️😘

Barefoot walking is a very healthy body hack that has a powerful positive effect on our body, mind and soul. It not enables us to adsorb elections from the earth in our bodies that provide antioxidants for our cells and create new neural pathways in our brains (neuroplasticity) our body, but also connects us to mother earth, nature and the universe which helps us to grow spiritually. With all the tonnes of positive benefits thre are also a few dangers. One of which is critical but often overlooked. This danger however, is one that everyone who is planing to walk barefoot or who walks barefoot should be aware of. Watch to see why barefoot walking can be a beautiful experience or one of your biggest nightmares.

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