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EVEN THE PRESIDENT KNOWS CORONA VIRUS IS A HOAX! yet you still believe the news?

As it turns out the president agrees with me. Corona virus is a hoax. And no one in the current administration will dare say that it is NOT a hoax! Hahha. The sheeple can be told by the leader of the free world that they are getting punked and the people will still believe the liars on the very fake news ! It's absolutely incredible.

#coronavirus #hoax #sheeple #fakenews #flatearth

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By michaelchesser446@gmail.com

YeYea i also think its a hoax right from the start .

By Brakathor

HAHAHAHHAHAHA. Yup you're as demonstrably stupid as I suspected. Thanks for proving it to the world so succinctly. A guy who's invested thousands of dollars in currency, and is apparently dumbfounded by the concept of a data graph. "All this data. WHERE does it come from? bu-bu-bu-but THE PRESIDENT SAID!" Idiot... People are dying. Venues are getting shut down. Italy is in a state of emergency. These are all things that can be empirically proven. You sir, are a blowhard.

By MarkyMark

I have been suspicious of its authenticity from the start of this virus out break. Nothing about it seems believable.

By AscendYourLifeTV

Definitely look into the connection of 5G with the Corona virus. Everywhere that they claim Corona is breaking out, it just so happens that's also where 5G and similar wireless grids are being rolled out. You mention the people who are falling over in the streets, of course this is not due to the common cold. However, this is definitely possible when you're being radiated with 60gHz of wireless frequencies! The sciences from Magnetobiology are another great resource here.

By MasterShake

Yes I know it s a hoax. The losers who hate Trump are saying the virus is real just because

they hate trump. But it's easy to see this is all lies. I'm going to drink a corona beer now lol

By Nosat

They system is coming apart and they are losing power by the day 👍