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The Greatest Depression has Begun

The world’s greatest depression is no longer a dark cloud on the horizon, it is upon us. Speaking in March, 2020, James Corbett confronts this reality and concludes that our only recourse now is to do what is necessary to survive the storm. To do that, we must realize it is not a natural phenomenon. It was planned and executed by elitists who want to destroy the old political and social order so they can rebuild it to their liking. Without this understanding, we will accept the shelters and solutions offered by the same people who created the storm in the first place, and that will be the end of liberty and privacy. Corbett argues that we must rapidly develop personal independence, local support groups, and decentralized infrastructure. This is not an optimistic scenario but it has the distinct ring of truth. 2020 Mar 28, Source: Corbett Report, https://youtu.be/ZlTHjAuqRHs.

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