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#CoronaVirus This stimulus they are giving out should not be given out to people who still are working. It also should not be given out to those who were already unemployed before this stuff happened.

Small business are going to get totally screwed, because the economy was pretty good up to this point. Small business owners very often file under their personal income tax, because that's the way it's done. So they had a good year last year so won't qualify for any stimulus. The can be laying off people right now, under orders, and be getting ready to go bankrupt, but won't get one penny to help them, because they did ok last year. How is this helping them. When the pandemic BS is over, there won't be any jobs to go back to, because you did not help those people keep the roofs over their heads, now what? Do we just keep printing up money and giving everyone 1200 a month for a year now?

There has to be a better way but people need help now so, I guess we get this terrible idea, IF the MF'ers in congress quit playing politics and pass it.

Sooner or later the bill is going to come due for this huge handout, and someone will have to pay it. it will get very ugly. you can gloat to tax the rich all you want but I don't think that even if you took all they had, it'd equal the trillions of dollars being pissed away.

We are heading for a major depression but nobody wants to acknowledge that.

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