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Section 8: '[MAGA] Shadowtech' (this isn't really hell)

#battlefieldbadcompany2, BFBC2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, BETLOG_2019

This player is aaaaaalmost funny.

They have been teamkilling, vehicle damaging, intentionally getting themselves teamkilled so they can !punish, and generally interfering with their own team for years, so eventually I made a video of it. https://bittube.tv/post/b161876c-deee-4005-b674-1919f8e3988b

Apparently seeing themselves being a serial douchebag wasn't fair, and now I'm a bad man.

So what's their response? To do exactly the same shit but more often, far more obviously, and while mad-typing a lot.

The irony is I actually find their stupidity and childish rage amusing.

Talk about being a remedial-tier snowflake.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment of "wElcOMe tO heLL (not really though) - ShadowSimp, the manchild superdick"

2021-04-06--14-21-23.230_BattlefieldBadCompany2_Section8-'[MAGA] Shadowtech'_concatFilter_H264-qp18_H264-veryslow.mp4

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