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MUSIC: Phil Tangent - Scalesia


Taken from this video:

CNN REPORT in 1985 Admitting EMF + 60ghz 5G IS A WEAPON


The explanation given is that this is RF cloud technology...

If you have the eyes to see, you will see there is a huge machine in this image...

You need a larger screen, sit approx 2 feet away from it, relax and don;t try to force yourself to see it as an whole image... We are only seeing a part of it. Follow my mouse movements and watch for the detail to pop out... Then slowly cast your eyes over portions of the image, and see what happens...

The machinery looks esoteric in design.. What is it? I cannot say definitively.. But, it is there... One can put various subjective speculations forth... Like, are they trying to hide something already there, which is in another dimensional space? Are we really living in a matrix false construct? Or is there a false layer being woven into ours for another nefarious agenda?

Lastly, am I the only one who has discovered how to expose all this?

One thing I know is, the more research I do, the more things I am finding out over and above other peoples research, because even the woke few seem to look for answers in others peoples work, instead of conducting their own scientific experiments... One thing that crosses my mind, maybe we are not supposed to see this, most seem very hostile to entertain such difficult tasks to actually sit for a few minutes and open their tiny minds to this... Well, this is not my problem, it is their own...

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