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YouTube Wants Me To Come Back....Under ONE Condition

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#youtubepurge #youtubesucks #censorship #BitTubers #BigTech

censorship, big tech, social media censorship, Red Pill Philosophy, free speech, first amendment, freedom of expression

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By KarenCardona

Really nah yeah nah don't

By lastgreat1

Yeah buddy, I fully agree, YouTube can go stuff it. 😜

By Cipher-Tu Productions

Pill, you proly already know about this guy but if you have not looked into it I recommend you check out this vid, sorry it's on notyoutube but still give it a whirl man...


Been checking daily for a new vid, looking forward to it man!!!

By Madzguy007

The best thing you can do is to use Youtube to advertise for it's competitors out there, like bittubers so more people move away from Youtube. We gotta break their monopoly!

By It's legal to think

Everytime I scroll down to comments, they disappear. All the time I am writing a comment, suddenly the whole comment sections disappears, and sometimes clicking "show comments" don't do anything. Anyone else experiencing this ?!

By It's legal to think

It's strange.. videos you upload here on BitTubers ALWAYS lags like h***... Like BitTubers have bad upload. When watching YT videos never lags, no problems streaming... But here on BT, I listen to 3-4 sec, then waiting 5-10 sec with silence, then back to 3-4 sec of play time..... Anybody else with this problem ?

By Bittuberwilson

Sounds like YouTube just wants you to remove your content because they can't terminate you yet unless you commit another "violation."

Welcome to the dying of YouTube, and the coming about-to-explode-in-popularity Sucker-Free BitTube.

By MusicAnalyst

Agree, i get more views here with 93 subs than i get in youtube with 5.7k subs.

They are certainly putting some cap on the channels they dont like.

This plattform is great but you know what it will need? People that disagrees and agrees. It needs to have both which youtube has. SO we need to work on getting the "regular" people on to this plattform and not just all the people who already are on board with that Youtube sucks. Cause having an echo chamber will be a slow growth on here.

So we need to make content that makes these "regular " youtubers want to come on over here to argue with you instead of being on youtube.

Essentially we need to create action. More to the style of your interview with that black guy who pretended to know everything about globe earth. Stuff like that draws in everybody.

By smaram

I just donated 250.0 TUBEs ($ 2.40 USD)

By sovos

I just donated 4.2 TUBEs ($ 0.04 USD)