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The world is a stage and we are the suckers they keep under their control through propaganda and fear campaigns. Corona virus is simply another one of these, there is NO doubt in my mind any more that this is simply another hoax. Wake up people!

Look at the connection that was found between Kobe and Corona Virus (COVID). Pretty funny stuff.

I also take a look at a few corona virus youtube news stars (particularly the British David and Sally Abel stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship) and their and their son and daughter in law's uncontrollable dupers delight. Shitty crisis actors are one of the telltale signs of state sponsored hoaxes AKA: terrorism.

Duper's Delight is a physiological response that gives away the liars on the world stage.

#hoax #coronavirus #dupersdelight #nachonews #flatearth

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By nachodon

@the pink panther here's info for anyone interested in Tom Hanks info-- EVIDENCE provided of his pedophile satanism. IF this doesn't clue people in that Corona is a Hoax - nothing will: https://www.reddit.com/r/PedoGate/comments/92hbub/tom_hanks_admits_he_is_a_violent_pedophile/

By the pink panther

Nail these masonic pricks!... Hanks just came out as being contaminated also another high level masonic /act

or couldnt make this up....Once you start on the path of truth you cant stop, so many people with "

eyes wide shut"

By MarkyMark

Its such a relief finding someone who thinks like I do about this.

By MarkyMark

I like your videos very much.

By Itslegaltothink

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By Itslegaltothink

What is Covid and Kobe?

By thanksmia

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By Nosat

Looks like they are cranking up the heat on the fear hoaxes to keep people distracted. The "duper's delight" smirks always give them away. Great job exposing this.

By Nosat

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