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@Truth over traditions

Did Jesus Say Anything about 666?

Yes, he did! Check it out. #666 #Jesus

There is very little said in the Bible about the Mark of the Beast, but very few people realise that Jesus hinted at it in his Sermon on the Mount, and in other things that he is recorded to have said in the Gospels. And what Jesus said is absolutely crucial in understanding what such a mark is regarded as being eternally significant anyway.

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By TruthSeekersCollective

We need to Choose between Jesus and Money!

By Barry.J.Pintu

I really liked how you made the connection that Jesus was trying to make between the mark of the beast & the amount of gold that Solomon received. Which just happens to be the amount of 666 talents of gold. Amazing what Jesus was trying to say about Solomon, which everyone seems to miss. Another great video. Thanks Brother Dave.

By Boyd6474

I think people will be surprised once they realize that Jesus' teachings show us how to live without taking the Mark.

By willrizzo1433

Wow it's so simple! Everybody loves Solomon because they want to be him, rich, etc. But Jesus shows us that's just serving the idol money. Which is pretty much the same spirit as the mark of the beast.

By KnockToOpen

Thanks for showing the clear connection between the mark of the beast and Jesus - we do need to follow God's wisdom instead of loving money - thanks