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How Does A Supersonic Jet Engine Inlet Work? - Advanced Compressible Flow


Hey all,

In today's video we are going to dive deep into the complex operation of the air intake of a supersonic jet engine. This component is called a diffuser and it's job is to slow down the incoming air. In high-speed flight, the incoming supersonic air must slow down to a speed less than the sound speed (or subsonic). This ensures safe operation of the other jet engine components such as the compressor, the combustor and the exhaust.

However, the aerodynamics behind a supersonic diffuser is a lot more complicated than a simple rocket engine nozzle! I am going to be explaining why supersonic aircraft use technologies such as variable nozzles, ramps that move, and inlet guide vanes to manipulate the airflow in real time.

This video dives into the following topics in aerodynamics and propulsion:

1) Mach Number

2) Compressible Flow

3) Nozzle vs. Diffuser

4) Supersonic Inlets

5) Normal Shocks (Shock waves)

Thanks for watching! Best Wishes, Vinayak D. VDEngineering


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