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@Islamo Facts

14. Taharrush Jamai | A practice where women are openly raped

Read it here on my blog https://bit.ly/2DuUzGJ

Rape should not even happen in this world but when it does, it’s usually behind doors, or in dark alleys. ‘Taharrush Jamai‘, Taharrush meaning ‘collective harassment’ in Arabic is a practice where women are openly raped or sexually assaulted by large crowd of men in a barbaric manner.

These offenders are bolder because they feel safe in numbers. As these occurrences take place in very large crowds, the offenders usually go unpunished as it would be difficult to determine who did what.

What’s worse, it is reported that the harassment is perceived as a ‘game’. “The game is usually played where there are mass gatherings, protests where the savages find safety and it is a true act of violence, groping, digital rape and in many case penile penetrative rape of the victim regardless their religion.”

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